COVID19 measures of airport operator

Dear aerodrome users,
in connection with the growing number of people with COVID-19 disease and the measures set by the Government of the Czech Republic, the airport operator applies the following measures in connection with aerodrome operations:

  • Please, do not enter the airport operator’s office unless it is important to resolve operational issues between you and the airport operator. If possible, please use some alternative communication channel (telephone, e-mail). You can find all necessary contacts HERE.
  • In case you need to visit the airport operator’s office, enter only with face mask, respirator etc.
  • Hand disinfection is prepared in front of the airport operator’s office. Please, use it before you enter the office.
  • Inside the office, there is a space reserved for your necessary entrance. Do not enter the office outside this reserved area.
  • Do not enter the airport operator’s building if you feel known symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory disease symptoms.
  • Strictly follow all hygiene rules.

These measures are issued against all persons involved in aerodrome operations to ensure the safe operation of the airport and to coordinate some activities at the airport in accordance with the airport operatior’s direction according to Article 31 (2) of Act no. 49/1997 Coll. about the civil aviaton.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the safe operation of the airport and we wish you good health.

Lukas Myska, safety, security & quality manager