Mnichovo Hradiště airport provides to its passengers and flight crews complex services associated with international air transport starting from customs and passport clearance, over complete pre-flight service for pilots, aircraft refueling, up to securing of accomodation near the airport, including transport to selected hotel or guest house. The airport is eligible for aircrafts category 2B. Transport accessibility, concrete runway and quick customs check-in are great advantage of our airport. Our airport hosts a series of international flights with cargo or passengers during the whole year, whose quantity increases every year. In 2005 we cleared out 520 international flights.

Annual amount of movements:

Airport operator: Aero – taxi OKR, a.s.
Air traffic services: Hradiště RADIO 120,405 MHz
Location: 3km (1,6NM) NE Mnichovo Hradiště
50°32’24”N 15°00’24”E
Operational availability: VFR day, the airport without PAPI
Aircraft types: aeroplanes, gliders, powered gliders, helicopters, ultralight aircrafts
Operational hours: 0700 – 1500 UTC
(0800 – 1600 LOC during winter)
(0900 – 1700 LOC during summer)
Customs and immigration clearance: MON-FRI O/R ( 24 HRS in advance, otherwise O/R ( 48 HRS in advance
Fuel grades: AVGAS 100LL, JET A-1
Oil grades: Aeroshell 15-W-50, ELF 100 O/R
Hangar space: O/R
Repairs: O/R, limited
Accommodation: hotels and pensions in Mnichovo Hradiště, Turnov or Mladá Boleslav
Restaurant: Hoškovice willage (10 min)
Transportation: BUS, train, taxi, official car O/R
Airport operator: Aero-taxi OKR, a.s., Intl. Airport, Hoskovice 64, 295 01 Mnichovo Hradiste, Czech Republic
tel.: +420 311 444 065
gsm: +420 603 197 336
Other contacts: see CONTACT
Weather informacion: see WEATHER ONLINE
Aerodrome regulations LKMH-ID-17-01-22-ENG
Guidelines on the operation of jet aircraft LKMH-ID-20-01-23-ENG
Safety assessment jet aircraft 2022-18-SAF