Jet airplanes permition for airport LKMH

Dear airport users,

we would like to introduce you to a change in the airport’s operating permit for the jet airplanes. Operation of jet airplanes is permitted at Mnichovo Hradiště Airport under the conditions established by the airport operator. The change of conditions for running jet airplanes set by the operator is subject to the approval of the Czech CAA.

In practice, this means that the jet operator prepares a safety study for flights of a certain type of its jet aircraft under predefined conditions from / to LKMH. This safety study will be submitted to the airport operator, which will perform the safety risk assessment by processing its own safety study. All supporting documents, the aerodrome operator then submits to the Czech CAA for approval with a proposal to authorize that specific type of airplane.

We will gladly give you any further information by email, by phone or by your personal visit to the airport operator’s office.

Jet Aircraft operation directive: HERE

26.1.2018 – OK-AST – Cessna 560XL Citation Excel

Increase of airport Fire Catagory 3 and 4 available again

Dear aircraft operators,

since 1.2.2018, we will restore the rescue and fire fighting services of category 3 and 4 on the airport. The Operator will increase the level of protection provided at least 48 hours in advance according to your handling request. In rare cases, less than 48 hours in advance, we will try to arrange your request, but we are not able to guarantee 100%.
For more information, please contact us by e-mail, by telephone, or visit us at the operator’s office directly at the airport.


Hradiště RADIO frequency change

Dear airport users, in connection to 8,33 kHz channel separation transition we ask you to change your frequency of Hradiště RADIO since 30 March 2017 to 120,405 MHz.
Due to air traffic safety, please modify your maps, settings etc.

Aerodrome not operated

Dear airport Mnichovo Hradiste users,
due to invalidity of the existing certificate of airport competency, in accordance to civil aviation law (§ 34a (1) “Public international aerodrome can be operated only if its operational capability is approved.”) the airport can not be operated now. We inform you that we have already requested a new certificate but until its extradition and coming into legal force the airport will not be operated.

Simultaneously we ask you to take immediate necessary measures on your side. We apologize for potential complications in advance and will keep you informed. In case of your interest for more information or need our cooperation, please contact me or Aero-taxi OKR, Inc. company management.

Thank you for your cooperation.